Tilo Weber Quartet "Four Fauns"
CLARINET Claudio Puntin
TRUMPET Richard Koch
BASS James Banner
DRUMS, COMP Tilo Weber

"Since Berlin drummer and composer Tilo Weber established the acoustic quartet "Four Fauns", they have managed to captivate with transparency and grace. With Clarinetist Claudio Puntin, Trumpeter Richard Koch, and Bassist James Banner, Weber transports music through the centuries and into modernity, reimagining the Renaissance through his own distinctive lens."
tilo weber (by simona turk)
animate repose
SYNTHESIZER Lucas Leidinger
DRUMS, COMP. Tilo Weber
animate repose
Clara Haberkamp Trio
PIANO, VOCALS Clara Haberkamp
BASS Oliver Potratz
DRUMS Tilo Weber
Clara Haberkamp Trio (Gustav Eckart) quadratisch
David Friedman - Generations Trio
VIBES David Friedman
BASS Oliver Potratz
DRUMS Tilo Weber
David Friedman Generations Trio photo by Oliver Potratz
SAX Otis Sandsjö
BASS Petter Eldh
SYNTH Dan Nicholls
DRUMS Tilo Weber
otis sandsjö y-otis
David Friedman Generations Quartet
VIBES David Friedman
PIANO Clara Haberkamp
BASS Josh Ginsburg
DRUMS Tilo Weber
David Friedman - Generations Quartet 1 (by Jordana Schramm)